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“As the single “Alright” displays, Public Jones minds its grooves, and to their credit aspires to far more than the mundane lyrically. And their video for “Disconnected” reveals more than a little bit of genius. It was filmed by Husain in “Elbo-Vision” and tracks the hand of its ill-fated protagonist through a not-so-routine day. Go ahead, make a joke about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, but this is brilliant.”
Kevin Bronson, BUZZBANDS.LA

“A compelling blend of lyrical depth, solid grooves, cinematic elements and glimpses of 80’s synthpop all rolled into a crunchy electro-rock wrapper, Public Jones defy convention with their latest album The Fall. The album succesfully pushes boundaries by harmoniously fusing pop musical elements with an underground sound. Their music dances back and forth between moody, melodic pop and aggressive, overdriven emotion.”
Ryan Stabile, LA EXAMINER

“Public Jones’ track ‘Alright’ is one of the catchiest and most interesting tracks I’ve heard in the past year. The bass groove alone makes it impossible not to dance to and you can’t help but sing along with the chorus. With the addition of different vocal effects and synthesized noises, it demonstrates a good sense of song-writing showing that pop music can be both experimental and original, yet can also be extremely listenable at the same time.”

“I luckily have the chance to preview the debut album from Public Jones titled The Fall and I must say its a solid piece of work.  Sonically residing somewhere between DOM and Muse, Public Jones have a versatile sound that I believe will lead to a diverse discography and fan base”
Brock, LP33

The “songs have a great mixture of technical but groover-friendly beats, and we expect good things to happen to Public Jones.”

“A hard act to follow, very liberal, quite unique. Atypical yet typical of rock, is that not a worthy signature? You flow with them, do not expect it to be the other way around. Dare you see if you can define them…”

“Combine two parts rock with one part alternative and a smattering of electronic and groovy and there you have it…”

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