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Four shows, Six Days…

highway photo

Almonds. Raw almonds. Lots of them. That’s how it’s done. On Wednesday night, we loaded the van and drove from LA to San Luis Obispo for our first show. SLO rocked, and thanks to Cal Poly and the locals, we felt the love for our two sets. One girl was so excited she kissed my hand and pulled people in from the street. Almonds in. Loaded the van. Crashed a few hours. Thursday. San Francisco is a beauty, and they love their food. Like the poke bowl at Pacific Catch or coffee to die for at Four Barrel. While Tre was dying his hair purple, we noticed the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared in the fog. The band before us that night at El Rio was freakin out because the singer got mugged and the bass player never showed up. Cool place, though. More almonds. Friday. Great lunch at 13 in Sacramento. Felt amazing to play a show outside at the Westfield Plaza downtown, and George loved the MILF’s. ZuhG Life does it right. The sun shut us down mid-set when our equipment overheated, so we packed it up and headed to San Jose. Another great show with an awesome crowd, and we mixed it up with some dubsteppers. I never realized every 90’s pop song has a dubstep remix. They really dug us and we got invited to come back for a second show and do the local radio show on KSJS. After a show, every musician loves to tap into his swirling id-space. You never know what will happen, and there’s plenty around to help with the journey. If Ayn Rand could have taken crack, she would have. Saturday. We woke up in Berkeley. Got to the TV studio early afternoon, did promo photos, an interview, and then played a set. Was so hot under the studio lights we were shining. Amazing hummus at the Turkish Kitchen. Tre’s fingers were tingling and he thought he had carpal tunnel syndrome. George thought that’s a sign he’s gonna die. That night, second show in San Jose, saw a blind drummer do a great drum solo. We loved playing our set. I almost fell off the pedestal I was on during the show. Tapped into the id-space. More almonds. We hit the highway back home.


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